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Take a trip back in time to San Fransisco and the „Haight“ and enjoy the old tunes of  a bygone era  of love and protest movements and budding rock groups ➜

Maya’s Flashback Fridays –
and Beach Party at the same time…..


Every 1st Saturday  DJ Autumn's set is „Girls Wanna Rock“.
Read more about Autumn here!

Now on Wednesdays ➜

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Ashra’s Album Night

Every Saturday at 7:00 pm Ashra plays complete albums by famous artists as well as occasional movie sound tracks. Experience music the way it was meant to be played not just hit songs.


Follow DJ Sue’s Blog where she tells about her set and shares her big knowledge of artists and music styles


… and don’t miss new ‚Quotes’!


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The Oldest Club For Women In Second Life

(Design: Gudrun)

A Woman’s Touch is like a sorority where women can relax and have fun together in a safe environment. We are not a lesbian group, rather a place for all women to gather away from men.

This philosophy has made us a unique and very popular place in Second Life. Many have said that they spend most of their game play time hanging out at A Woman’s Touch. 

With few exceptions, men are excluded and this leads to a very open social environment. Freed of the tension between sexes women can be far more open about themselves with out attracting unwanted advances or rude remarks. Such openness has generated many strong friendships and an observer might think we are all sisters gathered to have fun together.

Second Life does not provide a way to restrict a property by sex and keeping the house women-only is a challenging task. A Woman’s Touch has a staff of 20 Security Officers (see groups) to handle problem men.

Most often, the men that do land are new players or players that have not read the house profile. In such cases, we do try to be polite by allowing them to take a quick look around and offering them another place to visit. However, any guest that is being bothered by a male visitor should call for help from a Security Officer. Read here about VIPs

Attractions & Landmarks 

There are many attractions and lots to do at AWT, but it seems that few people are aware of all that is here.  I have put together this list of some of our public areas with descriptions and landmarks.  Please feel free to explore.  HOWEVER, there are many privately rented homes.  Please respect our renters and don’t go exploring in houses.  If you are interested in renting a home here at AWT, talk to Ashra Lang and she will be glad to show you what is available.


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